New York City in 60 Seconds

Lucali’s (the Second Best Pizza in the U.S.) | February 17, 2011

A short walk from us, at the corner of Henry St. and Carroll St., is Lucali’s Pizza — considered by some to be the second best pizza joint in the entire United States. How could we not check it out?

So, on a cold winter’s eve we trudged through the ice and snow to the warm confines of Lucali’s. Inside the atmosphere immediately impressed us, with dim lighting, humming conversation, and Frank Sinatra playing in the background. Not to mention the delicious scent of pizza floating in the air.

Posted on the wall was their menu, which was straight forward and simple: pizza, calzones, and soda. After a brief deliberation we ordered a pepperoni pizza and two waters.

In the back of the room, our pizza was handmade by these talented chefs and baked in a wood burning oven.

While we waited we enjoyed a nice conversation,

were intrigued by our romantic light source,

and looked about the walls of this former candy store.

After a few minutes, our pizza arrived. It looked tasty!

It was a bit messy getting it onto our plates.

And a little difficult getting it into our mouths.

But EJ figured out a more tidy way to eat the pizza.

So what did we think? Well, we had differing opinions.

EJ loved the fresh ingredients, unique mix of cheeses, and the well toasted crust (which was not quite as burnt as Grimaldi’s pizza).

Mark, on the other hand, actually favored Grimaldi’s pizza (located up by the Brooklyn Bridge) because it’s less messy and just as fresh. (To check out our blog post about our visit to Grimaldi’s click here.)

After we finished off our pizza, we said goodbye to our hosts and enjoyed a nice walk home.

Give us your pizza opinion in the poll below.


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