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Fall Leaves in Prospect Park | January 7, 2011

With Winter in full swing here in New York (and 1 major blizzard under our belt) we’ve been reminiscing about our beautiful and long-lasting Fall that stretched into the beginning of December.

Back in November we took some photos of the fall leaves at Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s version of Central Park. (Both parks were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, but Brooklynites take pride in letting visitors know that Prospect Park is “considered to be their crowning achievement” — therefore one-upping Central Park and all of touristy Manhattan.) The other day we realized we never posted these photos, so here’s our little cyber time machine to take you back to warmer days:

Here’s EJ in front of a fancy yellow tree. (The empty ballpark in the background is filled with the promise of Spring.)

The sun is about to disappear into twilight.

These extremely tall Shadow People compensate for their small heads by wearing extremely wide bell-bottoms.

The trees are aflame with the sunset and the colors of autumn, which bleed into the duck pond below.

Above is the roaring of a lion, as Prospect Park is on the flight path to LaGuardia Airport in Queens.

A last view of the sunset as we disappear into the woods.

Distant lanterns are the fireflies of autumn.

Horses pass us by on the Equestrian Trail.

These red leaves look like crackling tongues of fire.

Mark taking a nap on a park bench.

EJ on a rustic wooden bridge.

Here’s a view of the creek below.

Here’s a nice postcard view of the Audobon Center, which was built in 1905.

Another duck pond (the Lullwater) shows that even the water fowl in New York find themselves stuck in traffic jams, although no yellow taxis are in sight.

Despite the changing colors of the leaves, this ivy maintains its green appearance year-round.

A montage of feet and their impact on their surroundings.

We had a nice time at Prospect Park in November and look forward to many more seasons of exploration and adventure.



  1. That’s lovely. Thanks for the pretty pictures. I love trees in Autumn.


    Comment by Marisa — January 12, 2011 @ 9:53 am

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